Payment & Shipping



The Customer can pay via Credit card, Debit Card and PayPal Payment Service.

We will only accept Payments via Credit Card, Debit Card  and PayPal Payment Service, because of security reasons for our own safety as well as the customers safety.

We will not accept Payments via Bills or any other form of not approved Payment.



All Orders will be hand-packed by ourselves and will be shipped with local Delivery-services or other alternatives if needed.

Every placed order will receive an additional tax price, depending on which country your delivery address is located at and how much your total amount is. If you reached a minimum amount of 200.- in a certain amount of countries, the shipping tax will be free. (for now, only in central Europe)

Shipping time can vary depending on the delivery address but your order will be delivered as soon as possible.



If the Customer wants to return the Product, it’s the Customers responsibility to be able to prove to Modern Hills, that one of the listed circumstances is the actual case.

The requests for returns can only be accepted, if one or more of the listed circumstances is stated and proved to be true.

  1. The Product or the Package has been damaged before the customer received it.

  2. The Product was delivered in wrong sizes, colorways, or a different article as bought.

  3. The Product was only worn for testing reasons, is undamaged and can be exactly returned, as the customer received it. (Including all labels)

The Customer is NOT allowed to return the Product, if one or more of the listed circumstances below is proved to be true.

  1. The Product has been worn for any other reason than testing or trying it on.

  2. The product has been damaged or washed incorrectly.

  3. If the Customer can’t proof how or when the Product has been damaged or refuses to do so.

For any further information, please read our Business Terms.